Digital Lens Designs

We use Schneider generators to surface our precision digital lenses. We offer a comprehensive collection of digital lens design options to match the specific needs of every patient.

We use a Schneider coating system to produce our premium coatings. We offer a great selection of coatings that are very effective, durable and easy to clean.

Here is an introduction to our digital lens collection. Please contact us or visit one of our independent eye care providers for further details.

Single Vision Free-Form 

Highest quality option for reducing thickness and aberrations in a single vision lens.

Eye-Solace EP 

A revolutionary lens design for many people suffering from eye fatigue.


This family of lenses are crafted to optimize vision and comfort for those working in an office environment.


A great time-tested and successful design at a great price-point.

Harmonize and Harmonize Adjust

Performance of this lens family is outstanding with available adjustments for improved distance, intermediate or new viewing.

Personalize and Personalize Adjust

Using the harmonize design as a starting point, this family of designs also takes into consideration all of the patient’s specific as-worn parameters.

Harmonize and Harmonize Inset

An exceptional high-performance lens that can also be fabricated with variable near inset options.

Optimize +

This state-of-the-art innovation in progressive lens design utilises variable front base curve technology to provide unparalleled optics and requires all as-worn measurements to generate these highly customised lenses.

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